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We sell high-quality petrochemical products.

Offer type: salePublished: 30.07.2013
Seller:Kitov Artyom
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Address:Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk
Khimsnab-NC sells products of JSC "Nizhnekamskneftehim";
Neonol AF 9-10,Neonol AF 9-12, Neonol AF 9-6 Flotation - oxal T-66 Flotation-oxal T-92, ethylene Glycol (MEG), Diethylene glycol (deg), triethylene glycol (TEG), ethyl cellosolve, PEG-400,PEG-200,PEG-300, Absorbent 50/370, Absorbent And-4-on request, Absorbent N. brand-on request , Absorbent N. grade B-on request, Laprol, Polyethers. It is possible to deliver our transport, chemical products, steel, plastic,200 liter barrels, new and used.