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Complex - Antrax - 10%

Offer type: salePublished: 23.07.2013
Seller:Berladin Ruslan
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Offer complete hardware-software complex. Included with the solution is provided round-the-clock technical support group. Able to answer any question and for You to remotely install and configure software to control the equipment. You only need to connect the complex to the power network and the Internet.
[i]You are looking for equipment to create a Call center for sending SMS and MMS , for termination of the outgoing call ?
Here IT is !!![/i]
The Antrax system is a hardware-software complex, which allows you to make calls , send SMS and MMS from IP network (Internet)
GSM network (mobile operators) can accommodate GSM module and SIM card remotely from each other.
The main components of the system are GSM and SIM modules. Each GSM module serves two GSM channel, and each SIM
module - 20 SIM cards.
[b]Bearing block[/b]
The bearing block is a hardware module system Antrax. Software modules does not interact with the bearing block.
Bearing block executes in the system passive function, providing power and acting as a switch on the Ethernet level for boards
GSM and/or SIM cards. Auxiliary function a bearing block is cooled cards GSM and SIM cards with the help of an air
Main features:
19" 3U
15 GSM or SIM cards
Power supply: 90--240V AC, 50/60Hz
1 x Ethernet 10/100 Base-T RJ-45
[b]SIM module[/b]
The SIM module is a hardware component of the system Antrax. Software modules interact with the SIM module through
network Protocol stack UDP/IP-based Ethernet technology through the bearing block, which acts as a switch.
Main characteristics of the SIM module:
Independent control of 20 SIM cards ISO7816 standard
Support power supply card 1.8V and 3.3V
Hot-swappable in the bearing block
[b]the GSM module[/b]
The GSM module is a hardware component of the system Antrax. Software modules communicate with GSM module through
network Protocol stack UDP/IP-based Ethernet technology through the bearing block, which acts as a switch.
Main features GSM module:
2 GSM channel modules Siemens/Cinterion MC 55i, depending on the model can support the following frequency ranges
GSM 900/1800
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
2 built-in SIM emulator
Change IMEI
Support GPRS
Hot-swappable in the bearing block
One of the goals of Voice server is the formation of voice channels. The voice channel is created by combining SIM and GSM
channels with subsequent registration in the GSM network. Generated voice channels are ready to handle calls and other
activity (SMS, recharge, and so on).
Complete with hardware is a Software product that is designed to work with this equipment. It has laid a ready solution in the form of scripts. The scripts are designed for flexible configuration of the behavior of SIM cards in the system.
A description of some of them :
can any SIM card to be added to the group tab of the SIM CHANNELS
replace hooters GSM network when calling the subscriber, on gudhi built into the system Antrax
disable checking on FAS (do not block messages operator about the lack of money in the account, etc.,)
to block signaling of the second incoming call during a call (if this SIM card group
refuse to create a channel, you need to remove the tick)
do not register the SIM card in roaming
the idle time between calls
downtime after the null-call
idle time before the release of the card from the network
downtime after registration
idle time before making an incoming call
idle time after the Commission of an incoming call
the number of outbound calls involving cards from this SIM group, after which the possible incoming call
the probability of accepting an incoming call from GSM
And about hundreds of ready-made functions.
The equipment does not have the lifetime warranty is a year and a half.
[b]equipment Manufacturer, Latvia.
Price from the manufacturer :
The bearing block 2000$
SIM module 700$
GSM module - 700$
Shipping from Riga + Custom 500$++[/b]
[b]there is a build
1 Bearing block
3 SIM module (possible 60 SIM)
5 GSM module (10 GSM kanalov)
7600 - 10 % of the price = 6850$[/b]
[i]the Location - Ukraine, Odessa[/i]
[i]contact details :
Berladin Ruslan
Skype - baskervil2010
Tel - +380949317826[/i]