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The disc harrow BGR-6.7 Solokha

Offer type: salePublished: 22.11.2023
Seller:Prihod'ko Viktor Grigor'evich
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
The disc harrow BGR-6,7 "Solokha" is intended for the cultivation of the soil varied mechanical structure with chopping and incorporation into the soil of crop residues left on the surface of the field, and to prepare the soil for sowing of winter crops after harvesting, tilling, without deep core soil cultivation. The harrow can be used in all soil-climatic zones of Ukraine.
Disc harrow consists of two batteries installed on the front wheels, "Daisy", on the rear - solid discs, this allows the harrow to work to a predetermined depth and with high quality, despite the hardness of the soil and crop residues on the surface of the field. This is achieved primarily due to a heavy load on the disk (BGR-6,7 "Solokha" it is 137 kg/to disk), and combinations of disks (disks "Daisy" better cut layer of soil, and crushed residue, solid drives better mix and crumble the soil), because of this "Solokha" works well in fields with large residues.
To improve the reliability and accelerate the repair of both disk battery harrows divided into three sections, each of which rests on two supports with bearing units, thereby width of 6.7 m battery drives based on the ten bearing units with semienterprise spherical roller bearings, which have several levels of protection from the ingress of dust and dirt.
Partition disk batteries are assembled on the shafts of square section, which makes it impossible for spinning disks, coils between the discs and pressure washers.
On the harrow installed disks with a diameter of 710 mm, this allows at least 30% increase in their resource comparing with the discs with a diameter of 650 mm, which is installed on other harrows.
But the main advantage of this disc harrows is stable depth of cultivation. In disk harrows which were produced before other plants cultivation depth exhibited by the angle of attack of the battery, but when changing soil moisture and amount of crop residues on the surface of the field depth of the soil decreased, or Vice versa increased than violated important agronomic requirement - the depth of cultivation. The disc harrows BGR-6,7 "Solokha" the depth of cultivation is exhibited also by the angle of attack of the batteries, but further restricted to a wheel suspension, so even at the maximum angle of attack of batteries deeper than is installed on the wheel suspension harrow will not deepen, and dry earth or a large number of plant residues will not reduce the depth of cultivation due to significant load - 137 kg/disk (for example in the BDT - 7, the average is 55 kg/disk).
By order of the harrow can be equipped with packer roller, which is optionally crushes the big lumps of earth, and creates after a background that reduces evaporation of moisture from the soil. Structurally, it is made of plates that allows to hide the litter and moist soil.
Comparing with the traditional technology of the primary soil cultivation with the plough, using a harrow You double-reduce the cost of fuel, and twice as fast perform the same amount of work.
If we consider only the fuel economy harrow will pay for itself after developments 1300 hectares, but additionally You will not be on the field surface narrabundah heaps of plant residues, back ridges and open furrows, as in plowing, the soil is less compacted.
You will do their job twice as fast, because in time You don't need to buy 2 of the tractor, and two sets of guns to them.
And most importantly, remember that buying a harrow, You pay for it means, what would have spent tomorrow for extra fuel.
Specifications BGR-6,7 "Solokha":
Type bronepoezda
Aggregated with tractors of class 240 kN and above
Working speed, km/CAS-12
Performance in 1 hour time, ha:5,4-8,0
Width, M6,7
Estimated cost of fuel, l/ha,3 - 11,5
The depth of cultivation, sm10-20
Payback by Economii PMM, GA 150
Dimensions in working position, mm:
- dlina 700
- Sirina 250
- height1 650
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm:
- dlina 500
- Sirina 400
- Vysota 650
Ground clearance, mm
Structural mass, kg 690