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Perforated boxes T1, T1-E T1-F T1-EF

Offer type: salePublished: 17.07.2013
Seller:Albion Group Albion Group Albion Group
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The company "Albion Group offers products company DKS perforated boxes. Functional profile that optimizes the ratio between the size of the boxes and the capacity of the cable. The edges of the teeth are rounded to facilitate operations on the Flex cable. Improved fastening of the cover to the box to implement vertical mounting and installation in specific environments (e.g. high temperatures). The size and toughness of teeth, let the box do not change their properties with frequent dynamic loads during wiring. The presence of stamped holes on the base of the channel provides a quick and stable mounting of internal components. The channel is characterized by a special tab on the teeth for support of cable for easy cable routing and enables you to correctly place the cable and split chain with vertical installation of perforated baskets. Perforated basket T1 blue. Used for color identification circuit.