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Sodium sulfate, sodium sulfate (h,analytical grade,those.)

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Sodium sulfate, sodium sulfate
- crystallization of the sodium sulfate is obtained in viscose production in the interaction of sulfuric acid with sodium hydroxide or sodium salts. Sodium sulfate is a colorless crystal or white powder, soluble in water, non-caking, malogigroskopichen. Occurs in nature as the mineral thenardier. Anhydrous sodium sulphate resistant temperature above 32° C, below this temperature crystallizes. In nature the crystalline form of the mineral salts (Glauber's salt).
Sodium sulfate technical GOST 6318-77 obtained from natural raw salt. Depending on the method of obtaining and scope sodium sulfate technical release grades A (highest, first and second grades) and B.
A - the product obtained by industrial methods, the highest and first grade, intended for pulp and paper, chemical, glass industry and other purposes.
B - product produced in vivo, and is meant as a product of second class stamps But only for the glass industry.
Apply sodium sulfate as one of the main components of the charge in the manufacture of glass; in the processing of wood pulp (sulfite pulp cooking), in dyeing of cotton textiles, to obtain viscose silk, various chemical compounds - silicate and sodium sulfide, ammonium sulfate, sodium carbonate, sulfuric acid. It is used in construction as antifreeze additive and the accelerator setting of concrete mixtures. The sodium sulfate is used in the manufacture of synthetic detergents; solutions of sodium sulfate are used as a heat accumulator in the devices that retain solar energy.