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Zealot sodium.

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Zealot sodium.
Zeolites are minerals with pores of molecular size, which, like a sponge, able to absorb and securely hold a variety of pollution. They include heavy metals (lead, cadmium, zinc, strontium, chromium), radionuclides, nitrates and nitrites, ammonium salt (ammonium salt), oil, oil products and a range of chemical and biological contaminants, the presence of which distinguishes pure drinking water from industrial effluents.
Applications of zeolites.

- separation of substances depending on the size of the molecules;

- separation of substances depending on the polarity of the molecules;

- separation of substances using ion-exchange mechanism.

Three of the techniques give us five possible areas of application:

- drying of gas or liquid;

- cleaning gas or liquid;

- separation of mixtures of hydrocarbons with different structures;

- air drying;

- softening of water flows from the cations of heavy metals and uptake of radionuclides in nuclear energy.