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Brine (Varenna frozen)

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:70 UAH
Seller:prihod'ko gennadij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

The meat of the black sea Rapana. In packs of 1 kg
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tel . +38067 631-00-97 Gennady

Meat brine the black sea. Andnteres to this mollusk is due to the high nutritional value of its meat, which the protein content was twice that of the meat of domestic animals. Contents protein on average 18.8%, 2.5% fat content, mineral substances of 1.6%. Especially there is a high content of alkali-soluble proteins - 42.5% and also connective proteins - collagen and elastin - 27,7%. The pH value of fresh meat brine - 8,95. Meat brine contains 38% of the essential amino acids deficient in traditional foods more than 30 macro and micronutrients vitamins b, B1,B2,B3,E,P and other Po these studies VNIRO, Kiev Institute of Food Hygiene, the protein Rapana has the unique ability to bind and excrete carcinogenic substances and radionuclides. Use in the feeding of meat brine increases overall body, promotes tissue repair after operations, the prevention of human blood, metabolism of fats, vitamins, increase the body's resistance to infections, colds, cardio-vascular diseases. Low-melting fats meat brine have special significance in human nutrition not only because of the easier digestibility by compared with the fat of beef and pork, but also due to the large number biologically active substances. Among them are: vitamins a, D, F, positively affecting vision, sexual function and some other glands, phospholipids, preventing fatty liver, linoleic and arachnid and other acids, which prevent cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels, reduce its content in the blood, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, stabilize contents blood sugar.