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Sulfamic acid

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Sulfamic acid
is a crystalline substance from white to light gray. Soluble in formamide, sparingly soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents and concentrated sulfuric acid.
Density at 25° C - 2,126 g/cm3. The melting point of 205° C, the decomposition temperature is 260° C.
The use of sulfamic acid.
Sulfamic acid is used for:
- washing the internal surfaces of heat engineering equipment CHP;
- industrial cleaning equipment from mineral deposits (salts, oxide films, iron compounds), food processing equipment, from dairy and brewing;
- removal of carbonate deposits (limescale) with heat exchangers, radiators, household utensils, etc.;
- cleaning of the ship's systems from scale and corrosion products on ships;
- treatment of bottom-hole zones of oil wells to increase oil recovery;
decomposition of the excess of nitrous acid in the process of diazotization;
- removal of mucus from water cooling systems and swimming pools.