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Sunbrella awning fabric

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:YuA - MARIN
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv
Sunbrella awning fabric

Choosing high-quality fabric, it is important to know what raw materials it is made. All Sunbrella fabrics are made from acrylic strands, dyed solution. In contrast to the fibers, the color of which is as simple as "swimming" in the bathtub, fiber Sunacryl stained by adding color at the beginning of the production process, when the acrylic resin is still liquid. Thus, the fibers are colored "to the heart", while some fibers are dyed only with the surface. Acrylic fibers dyed in a solution is a guarantee exceptional durability color for a long time.


The company Sunbrella insure color of its production: the New Fabric Sunbrella - 10 years, other marine awning fabric (Sunbrella Plus, Supreme, Shelter, Advantag, Cushions) - 5 years. For further discussion of guarantees, see


The approval of this organization suggests that the acrylic fabric with water-proofing is not toxic. The test proved no odor, carcinogenic dyes, Leticia substances and even pesticides in tissues that carry this logo.

ISO 9001

In June 2003, the company received the ISO 9001 certificate. This international certification from Bureau Veritas shows that Wslist-Constants` has the desire and the ability to keep up with the times, to progress and satisfy the growing needs of the market. It symbolizes the recognition and effectiveness of the system of quality control.

Sunbrella fabrics: isklyuchitelnaya UV protection

Regardless of whether Amateur or professional, yachtsman expects tissues from marine performance, high strength, but at the same time and a high degree of protection from sunlight. All Sunbrella fabrics are now in the range UPF30+ and UPF50+: they offer excellent protection from ultraviolet radiation, protecting all skin types from razrushitelnoe action of the sun.