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Sodium silicate(Silicate blocks,liquid glass)

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A saturated aqueous alkaline solution glassy silicates of sodium. It is a gelatinous liquid from colorless to light brown in color, containing in an aqueous solution of sodium oxide, silicon dioxide, colloidal silicic acid and modified additives.
Liquid glass has flammable properties.
In the construction of liquid sodium and potassium glass is used as the additives and preservatives.A mixture on the basis of liquid glass is used for the production of putties and plasters,giving subjected to processing elements of the anti-corrosion properties and protects them from the action of high temperatures,as well as for waterproofing of slabs, wells and cellars. Additive in cement mortars increases their insulation and strength properties. Non-combustible silicate paints on the basis of liquid glass is used for painting the room with a large attendance of people of theater curtains, etc.
Is the binder and is extensively used as an all purpose adhesive for connection of glass, metal, wood and paper. It is based on it is office silicate glue. In the chemical industry liquid glass are essential for the production of silica, lead silicate and sodium metasilicate.
Liquid sodium and potassium glass is also used in the production of cleaning products and detergents, soap, textile and paper industries - as a binder additives and adhesive. In foundry liquid glass is used as a flotation reagent in the steel industry in the form of a binding material for the production of forms.