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Gear oil Shell

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Seller:Tsyutsyupa Valentin
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'

Gear oils Shell viscosity 150-220 is a high quality oil with extreme pressure properties, lead-free, designed for the lubrication of heavily loaded industrial gears. Their high anti-wear and anti-friction characteristics can successfully use them in transmissions and other applications. Shell Oils 150-220 having a high viscosity index, developed on the basis of highly refined base oils and special composition serialportname additives to impart extreme pressure properties, significantly higher than that of other oils of similar purpose.

The scope of Shell oil Oils 150-220:

Drivetrain with steel gears.
Industrial gear units requiring the use of oils with anti-wear characteristics.
The bearings.

The performance properties of Shell oil Oils 150-220:

Work very well under heavy loads and have high lubricating properties. Reduce wear on both steel and bronze components, gears and bearings.
Excellent oxidation resistance and heat resistance. Resist thermal stress, the formation of deposits and other harmful products of oxidation. Long service life, even when the oil temperature up to 100°C in some applications.
Effective corrosion inhibitors. Protect both steel and bronze components, even in the presence of water and particulates.
It does not contain lead. Less dangerous to workers ' health.
A wide range of viscosity. Oils for the most different and the most critical components.
Resistance to micropitting. Reduce the risk of premature damage to the surface of the parts.