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Mattress covers, Winter-Summer with dvusloinye filler sheepskin-len from the manufacturer factory Demi collection without intermediaries

Offer type: salePublished: 20.04.2020
Price:240 UAH
Company:Har'kovskaya fabrika Demi collection
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Good day!
Offer to purchase certified quality mattress covers "winter-summer" directly from the manufacturer of the Kharkov factory Demi collection

The mattress pad "Winter-Summer" with dvusloinye filler sheepskin+len from the manufacturer of the Kharkov factory Demi collection

Quality time-tested at factory prices, without intermediaries, sell one unit,all prices retail

All products are own certified production without intermediaries Kharkov factory Demi collection


The mattress pad has rubber on the four corners for secure attachment to the mattress.

Elastic bands at the corners conveniently consolidate the mattress pad on top of the mattress height from 3 to 40cm.

Density: 200g/sqm (sheepskin 100g/sqm+len 100 g/sq m)

Height: about 20mm

It is possible to manufacture mattress covers with a height of from 10 to 40 mm under the order for a period of 1-2 working days on standard tariffs

The size of the mattress should be the size in the size of Your mattress, it is advisable to re-measure before ordering.

The filler consists of two layers: wool + linen

Flax fiber is 80% of the natural linen and 20% of hypoallergenic siliconized polyester fiber.

Supplement hypoallergenic fiber to natural fillers improves the performance properties of products, adds splendor, the softness, elasticity and lightness, prolongs service life and allows to wash

Hypoallergenic fiber - clean non-allergenic material, which is recommended even for newborn babies

Hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of health of Ukraine on hypoallergenic polyester fiber polyester 05.03.02-04/19210

Filler len is the stalks of flax from creamy white to gray-beige finely chopped in thin fibers and fluffed in a homogeneous air mass with hypoallergenic fiber.

The mattress pad of linen fiber has virtually no odor, possible barely perceptible pleasant smell like freshly cut grass.

The composition sheepskin: 90% natural sheepskin (washed, combed, almost odorless), 10% Hypo-allergenic silicone-coated polyester fiber

Unfortunately not all manufacturers indicate the percentage additives to natural fillers. Believe pure wool filler no additives can, if you burn a small piece. After combustion natural wool residue should be completely crumble into dust.

Case: calico Suite

Sanitary certificate for products: GSTU 3-061-2004

The landmark which side to put the mattress pad - elastic bands on the corners sewn from the "summer" with flax filler (flax is extremely breathable and perfect for summer time years), respectively winter side with sheepskin - when You flip the mattress pad and twist gum to the other side (sheepskin has warming properties and is perfect for winter the time of year).

The mattress pad "winter/summer" has a convenient two-layer content. One side of flax, with other fleece.

For summer season put the linen mattress pad top side (landmark gum), winter-wool party.

The mattress cover is washable, recommended temperature for the wash 40 ° C, delicate cycle.

The stitching provides a uniform distribution of the filler during production and does not allow him to stray in operation of the product.


80h200 or h-gr.,

90x200 or h-gr.,

120x200 or 120 x 190-320hrn.,

140x200 or 140 * 190-gr.,

160x200 or h-400 UAH.,

180x200 or 180x190-gr.,

200x200 or h-gr.,



We can manufacture bespoke sizes on standard tariffs for a period of 1-2 business days

Shipping and payment:

The payment is on PrivatBank card or cash on delivery.
Parcels to Ukraine send New mail, Delivery and Intime
Shipping paid by the buyer.
On the Kharkov - self, from 1000 to GM delivery 40grn, from 2000gr delivery within the city free of charge.

To receive a full consultation and booking is also possible simply by calling:

(097) 97-397-25, (099) 63-47-947, (067) 856-42-72, (063) 921-86-74 (Monday to Friday from 9 to 19h)

Online orders are accepted around the clock and seven days a week
Thanks for stopping by! I will be glad to cooperation!

Sincerely, Julia

Only in the Ukraine, the official representative of the Kharkov factory Demi collection

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