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Calcium chloride

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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We offer Calcium chloride (calcium chloride) powder or white pellets.

Applies as a food emulsifier stabilizer in dairy industry. Plays important role in the formation of a clot. The addition of calcium chloride food increases the yield of the final product. It compensates for the low level the calcium content in milk and its loss after pasteurization affects duration of education quality and taste of the bunch, because calcium ions contribute to the binding proteins.

When the production of cheese in pasteurized milk to increase its ability to clot in the presence of rennet solution made of calcium chloride, 400 G. per 1 t of milk (0,04%).

In the production of cheese leads to an increase in the yields of final product;

In the canning fruits and vegetables, dietary calcium chloride is used as a substance maintain the hardness of vegetables and fruits such as apples, carrots, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes - processing and cooking;

Frozen meat and poultry, In mitigating beef and lamb • Reduced the process of mitigation

Meat is enriched with the help of an alternative source of calcium

Reduces the cost of freezing, storage and material handling.

In regulation of water hardness in the production of low-alcohol and soft drinks

In the production of jam and marmalade - serves as a thickener to obtain low calorie jelly.

In the manufacture of bakery and confectionery food-based calcium chloride allows to stabilize and increase the shelf life of bread, cakes, bakery semi-finished products and biscuits.

Packing: a metal drum or paper bags with polyethylene liners mass - 40 kg polypropylene containers type MD-600kg. Warranty period of storage - 12 months.