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Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Viktoriya Anatal'evna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Trading-industrial company "Politor based in 1994 year , the main view activity is production of plastic containers and packaging, development and the introduction of advanced technologies in the manufacture of plastic containers.

The Company "Politor offers you a wide a range of reusable plastic containers and household goods boxes, barrels, cans , capacity , bucket with cover , jars, molecolari , whorls , the cream of the Torah , pallets drums Boo. Our plastic packaging production will keep your products , will attract more buyers and increase your profit .

Plastic packaging company "Politor manufactured on modern European equipment, have certificate of quality and hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, marked gold medal for quality. We provide our manufacturer warranty . Warranty and post-warranty repair of plastic containers. Replacement and exchange of plastic containers.

Plastic containers made of modern imported materials of leading world manufacturers of polyethylene and polypropylene.

Modern universal multifunctional design of plastic packaging boxes, barrels, cans and new technologies can significantly increase the wear resistance, the lifetime of plastic containers.

Our customers are leading companies in different sectors of the economy. Our factory manufactures plastic packaging boxes, barrels, cans, pallets, molecolari, devices, trays for bread, meat, dairy, fish, fruits and vegetables.

In the manufacture of plastic boxes and cans take into account the wishes of customers, individual approach allows to take into account all the characteristics of the operation. Perhaps drawing graphics, company logo, product information, color of the product by the customer.

Produced by recycling, repair and replacement of old boxes with new ones.
Each buyer also provide individual prices on plastic boxes, cans, drums, cream of the Torah, molecolari, pallets. Wholesalers provide individual prices on plastic containers and special conditions. Partners offer favorable conditions of joint production.