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Porridge "Oatmeal with flax seed", the price of UAH 17.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:17 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Ingredients: vegetable cellulose, oat cereal (crushed), flax seed (crushed)

It is recommended as a dietary Supplement to the diet to regulate and restore metabolism of natural products.
Oatmeal porridge with seeds flax is unsurpassed special dietary product, with a unique natural properties. This porridge is well absorbed and saturates the body with valuable nutrients.
Regular consumption of oatmeal develops mental abilities.
  To support and maintain the mental abilities and memory at the proper level, regular consumption of oatmeal is vital.
Flax seeds contain protein of high biological value, which by its structure is close to ideal for the human body. Flax seed contains vegetable fat, the most important components of which, have an higher fatty acids: omega 3, OMEGA, OMEGA this is especially important for women.
Use cereal as a separate dish, include it in the composition of soups, casseroles and other delicious dishes.

Net weight: 250 g