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AR-glass fiber chopped strand

Offer type: salePublished: 25.07.2012

AR-glass fiber chopped strand is designed for use in dry mix systems or other premixing processes for subsequent moulding into a GRC component.
It has excellent properties of alkaline resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, stiffness, strand integrity.
The main specifications are:
1. ZrO2: 14.5% 16.5%
2. Tex of strand: 98+/-10; Sizing content: 1.6+/-0.2; Moisture: 0.2%Max
3. Strand length available: 6、8、12、16、20、24、28、32
This kind of chopped strand has a sizing system optimised for abrasion resistance and strand integrity during blending with dry materials. The low test strand permits efficient reinforecment at low dosages. It is particularly suited to the preparation of pre-bagged mixes of special mortars or renders. It may also be used in the maufacture by precasting of standard GRC compontents.
Besides the chopped strands, we can also offer alkali resistance glass fiber of spayed roving and mesh. If interested in them, contact us freely.

Seller:JIANG xinglu jiang
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