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Mining Support Material

Offer type: salePublished: 25.07.2012

The support materials we are offering is a mine pump packing product that is a two component, high water content slurry, when mixed forms a rapid setting. The two (2) components are CSA cement in one slurry and anhydrite in the other slurry. This product is used in mines for laneway support or roadway support in underground coal mines and gold mines.
A. Specific surface area: ≥ 3002/kg
B. Compressive strength:
1 day 3.5mpa
3 day 4.5mpa
C. Initial setting time: ≤ 30minutes
D. Pumping life: Each slurry has 24 hours pumping life
Main characters:
A. The grouting body is with high water content: Water content is 87%_90% by volume, for water to solids ratio of 2.2: 1 by weight.
B. Good pumping packing: Slurry A and Slurry B can keep good flow in 24 hours before they are mixed.
C. Fast setting; The initial setting time is within 30 minutes after Slurry A and Slurry B mixed together.
D. pH value of the Slurry A and Slurry B:
For Slurry A: pH =9~10, belongs to mildly alkali material;
For Slurry B: pH =11-12, belongs to alkali material
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Seller:JIANG xinglu jiang
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