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Fireclay Bricks for Hot Blast Furnace

Offer type: salePublished: 25.07.2012

Fireclay brick for blast furnace are used in the part of throat, stack, hearth, bottom for a small blast furnace and the stack for a big blast furnace. Fireclay brick for blast furnaces have the following good features:
High compressive strength in normal temperature
High ability for anti-abrasion during work
Low shrinkage degree under high temperature so as to maintaining an integrity of the furnace lining;
Low apparent porosity and Fe2O3 content to reduce the carbon deposit in the blowhole and avoid the bricks broken in case of expansion
Seldom melting point settings shape.
Al2O3, % ≥ 42
Refractoriness CN 176
0.2Mpa refractoriness under load, C≥ 1400
Linear change after reheating % 1450C, 2h 0-0.4 --
Apparent porosity, % ≤ 24
Compress strength, MPa ≥ 29.4
Thermal shock resistance It must be tested and list the actual
Measuring data in the quality certification.
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