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Ladle and Tudish Covering Flux

Offer type: salePublished: 25.07.2012

OreworldTM ladle and tundish covering flux is highly insulating powder, which is used in steel mills for insulation of molten metal in ladle and tundish. OreworldTM ladle and tundish covering flux has good expandability and spreadability, so that it expands and spreads instantly to cover entire molten steel surface in the ladle and tundish.
Main specifications:
CAO: 8-14%
SIO2: 38-48%
AL2O3: 8-14%
C: 18-30%
SIZE: 0.1-1.0MM
Besides the ladle & tundish covering flux, we can also offer other auxiliary materials for the steelmaking, for example, the sintered and fused calcium aluminate synthetic slag, the mould flux and carbon raiser. Specifications can be offered according to client requirements. So if any company has different demands, contact us and we will finally confirm and make the offer accordingly.

Seller:JIANG xinglu jiang
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