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Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:TOV Oster
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Address:Ukraine, Kirovohrads'ka Oblast', Kirovohrad
At the moment more than 50% of agricultural enterprises and farmers of Ukraine use LIGNOHUMATE. In the number of enterprises which use the APPLICATION includes the largest agricultural holdings such as NIBULON, etc. are not less well-known companies. We invite YOU to improve product QUALITY and to harvest considerably more territory while REDUCING COSTS. Lignohumate is sold in the EU and more than ten. In Germany, the drug is recommended for use in ecological agriculture. Offer You more EFFICIENTLY USE RESOURCES. 1. On seed spent significant funds.Without treatment, a significant portion of your money, you are just left to lie in the ground with seeds that have not germinated.LIGNOHUMATE due to these characteristics enhances the germination energy.And you get a completely different picture already on shoots. improving the effectiveness of seed treatments together with protectants (increased seed germinability, increases immunity of plants); strengthens the immunity of plants to various diseases, increased FROST and DROUGHT tolerance once the raw Lignohumate crops will freeze or drought will wither you still have time primerno days and in the case with the cold weather and a couple of days will decide stored crops or perish.If you let a minimum but still insurance for your investment you will receive for the funds which are simply the old fashioned way threw in the earth because so accustomed worth a try on another. . 2. improving the efficiency of application of mineral fertilizers (increased utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus by plants, reduction of application rates by 20-30%).We know that fertilizer application is not fully digested absorbed about 40% of the am.nitrate and carbomide 25%-30% of the rest remains the land application will sink in up to 90% and moreover Fulvates-derived fulvic acids will decompose and help to assimilate previously made fertilizers than make the soil less nitrate and means and products more environmentally friendly. In Germany, the drug is recommended for use in ecological agriculture. And calculate how much is it costing you something that remains to lie in the ground giving you a disservice by making the soil more nitrate. HERE WE OFFER to get MONEY to LIGNOHUMATE and MAKE YOUR CONS of YOUR ADVANTAGES.. AND the connecting point 1 and 2 you get the following = When harvesting on the area treated application harvester filled the hopper for 1st pass on the raw filling hopper took 1.5 pass. 3.Low cost of processing an average of 10 UAH. on one hectare of some crops total less. 4.LIGNOHUMATE increases KLAS in wheat and for anybody not a secret that the price of wheat depends on its class,but even if you take or vegetable garden in addition to the increase in number and weight,healthy fruits,have a better appearance and more COMPETITIVE in the market. Tel. 050-670-36-42 Tel. 097-917-42-97