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Eggs, fish, seafood. WHOLESALE, retail.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'

We specialize in the delivery of eggs, fish, seafood in the office and at home.
At the head of the assortment of red caviar "Peter Pan" and "Icicle" (Peter pan and Isecl) produced in Alaska. All caviar without harmful preservatives, low in salt.
We cooperate with the largest producers of caviar - Kodiak, Trident, Togiak (USA)
Direct supply of trout eggs Masholm
In our product range includes: salmon ROE Peter pan (Peter Pan), the eggs of pink salmon Isecl (Icicle), coho s/m, trout s/m, trout fillet, steak, trout, mussels, mussels in their shells, seafood cocktail, crab legs, shrimp 10-20, shrimp 95-125, shrimp 120-150, squid, brotula, fillet of hake, hake, herring, Pollock, salmon, bellies, cuts, ridges salmon (trout).
All products are of the highest quality, freeze-dried, which prevents the final product from the excess ice.

Individual packaging and the ability to order in any quantity with delivery in Kiev. Are all supporting documents.

Possible small wholesale (from a box), individual packing with packing on the pounds:
- Fillet of hake
- Coho
- Trout 0-1
- Trout 0.9-1.8 (Best price on the market ;) )
- Trout fillet
- Trout steak (Packed 1 kg)
- Mussels (Packed 1 kg)
- Mussels in their shells
- Seafood cocktail (Packed 1 kg)
- Crab legs
- Shrimp 10-20
- Shrimp 120-150 (Packed 1 kg box 5 kg)
- Squid
- Brotula
- Fillet of hake
- Hake carcass
- Herring
- Pollock USA
- Salmon
- Bellies, cuts, ridges salmon (trout)

Possible small wholesale (from a box), custom packaging, packing on the pounds.
Direct, official supply from manufacturers.
Delivery in Kiev.

Offer additional products from Italy: cheese, sausages, sauces, olive oil, sweets.

------ Caviar Peter Pan--------
Salmon ROE, caviar, salmon, silver salmon, salmon ROE from the American producer Peter Pen Seafoods (Peter Pan Seafoods, USA) is known all over the world. This standard of quality red caviar.
The company's plants Peter Pan Seafoods is located directly on the beach, so the term from the catch to the receipt of raw materials for processing does not exceed 12-15 hours. Each stage of the production of eggs is strictly regulated and designed to the smallest detail, allowing you to get the highest quality products.
Caviar seized fish, washed and salted. After passing the main stages of production of the independent expert from Japan gradium all produced eggs, separating it into grades: No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. After that she Packed in the packaging according to customer requirements and frozen in heavy duty freezer at a temperature of-40C. Instantaneous freezing allows you to save all the useful qualities of caviar.
Each manufacturer's own quality standards and rules under which caviar is divided into grades, but the basic rules are the same for all.

Characteristics of eggs, grade No. 1:
- whole grain, cracked grain is not present;
after defrost, there is no sticky (liquid) - this means that there are no broken grains;
the percentage of salt from 2.5 to 3.5 (the percentage of salt in the 2nd and 3rd grades higher than saltier caviar, the lower the grade);
- grains of the same size;
- the color red.

All these signs caviar 1st grade you can see in the caviar from Peter Pan Seafoods.