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Sell high quality sports nutrition, Protein by weight, delivery all over Ukraine, KSF 80%

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:140 UAH
Company:Sportivnoe pitanie
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Sell sports nutrition (Proteins) by weight in Kiev, delivery all over Ukraine. Production Of Belarus • Composition: 100% whey protein concentrate • A high percentage of protein - 80% • Rapid assimilation • High digestibility • Source of essential amino acids Weight: 1 kg Price: 140 USD/kg Whey protein concentrate 80% is obtained from fresh serum by way of ultrafiltration and drying. Today, whey protein is firmly took its place on the sports nutrition market and enjoys great popularity among Amateurs and professionals. Digestibility of proteins whey is very high. The amino acid composition of whey proteins as close as possible to the amino acid composition of muscle tissue of a person. Excellent source of essential amino acids. Amino acid levels in the blood increases dramatically during the first hours after administration of protein-based protein whey. The same acid-forming function of the stomach, which prevents malfunction and gas formation. According to the experts of the Institute of biomedical problems "...foods fortified BAB (whey protein concentrate) possess unique biological value, and the inclusion of such products in the diet of athletes significantly increasing the body's resistance to adverse external influences, increase efficiency, and functionality of the muscular system...". Recommendations for use: Mix ingredients 2-3 tablespoons with slide whey protein concentrate with 200-250 ml of milk, water or juice. For maximum effect, you should take a cocktail twice a day; one of the receptions for 45 minutes before training, immediately after the second after. You can add to taste vanilla or vanilla sugar, Nesqiuk, sugar or sweetener, and various syrups. 80% protein, Belarus - 140 UAH/kg The composition of the KSF 80%: Protein - 80,0 % Carbohydrates - 2,0% Fat - 5,0 % Minerals - 8,0 % Amino acid composition (g/100g Alanine -5,2 Arginine -2,9 Aspartic of calotta -12 Cysteine -2,7 Glutamic acid -18,3 Glycine -1,9 Histidine -2,2 Isoleucine -5,9 Leucine -13,2 Lysine -10,9 Methionine -2,3 Phenylalanine -3,9 Proline is 6.2 Serine -4,6 Threonine -5,3 The tryptophan of-2.1 Tyrosine was 3.7 Valine -5,6