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Продам Is 1/9 IS 1,6/9 2.5/9 МЗК, ТКУ, ВПУ

Offer type: salePublished: 08.11.2021
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Address:Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy, Ukraine
Our company provides a full range of services selling, commissioning and maintenance of steam and hot water boilers. We also offer accessories for steam and hot water boilers. Automatic alpha, pumps Lavara, Wilo, the smoke exhausters, fans, water frame, valve, burner MDGG, RMG-1, GPB-2, G-1 and other equipment. E-1\0,9; E1,6\0,9 GM; E-2,5\0,9 GM;ILC-AG; weave-0,7; weave-1,8; NIISTU-5; TLU-1;TLU-2,5;TLU-5,0;KE-2,5;KE-4;KE- 6,5;KE-10;DE-4; DE-6,5; DE-10; DE 16; DE 25; DE-25/24; DKVR 2,5; DKVR-4; DKVR-6.5; DKVR-10. Hot water boilers VK-21; VK-32.