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Septic tank for sewage 3000l Lugansk

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Aleksej Zubenko Petrovich
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Address:Ukraine, Luhans'ka Oblast', Novoaydar

Individual wastewater treatment system is located on its own plot of land and is a plant that does not pollute the environment, than to create comfortable conditions for life. She's not spreading the odor, which are the proof of the sewer systems, and leaking drains are not a threat to plants and surface waters.
At the ends of the containers GG-3000 equipped with two pipes with a diameter of 110 mm for connection of sewer pipes. Capacity 3000 litres comes with a basket for zeolite (filter material). The wall thickness of these products is 8 mm, which allows to bury them in the ground to a depth of 2 m. the Volume of 3,000 litres, height 1600 mm , width 1500 mm, length 2360 mm diameter manhole 600 mm, wall thickness 8 mm, weight 130 kg Capacity can be connected in a system of tanks. The system can be designed to service as one building or several individual houses. Lowest prices!!!!