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Kilovoltmeter RD-90

Offer type: salePublished: 27.10.2017
Company:OOO 'Dneproenergotehnologii'
Seller:Vladimir Evgen'evich
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Kilovoltmeter DC and AC voltage RD-90 The high voltage meter AC / DC RD-90 is designed to measure AC sinusoidal voltage with frequency of 50 Hz from 10 to 90 kV and a constant voltage of 10 to 100 kV, as well as to measure the voltage on the high-voltage conclusions increasing symmetric transformers with grounded middle point of that work in the facilities for testing of transformer oils IMDi-90 (aim-80), etc. RD-90 provides a measurement of voltages: • effective value of AC voltage with frequency of 50 Hz, kV; • the average value of DC voltage, kV; RD-90 can be used in high-voltage test laboratories the electrical power profiles, as well as research institutions. The performance of the products complies with GOST 17512-82, climatic category UHL 4.2 according to GOST 15150-69 and group 2 devices according to GOST 22261-82. Conditions of use of the product RD-90 is intended for use in the following conditions: • indoors or under a shed in the absence of shaking, vibration, fumes corrosive liquids; • the ambient air temperature, °C - 10 °to 35 ° C; • the relative humidity of the ambient air, % - 80; • atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm RT. Art.) - 84 - 106,7 (630-800); • the ratio of non-sinusoidality of the measured AC voltage should be no more than 8%; • ripple measured the DC voltage should be no more than 1%; • the distance from the meter RD-90-BV to conductive objects that are grounded or are under capacity not less than 0.1 m; Main technical data The measurement range of DC voltage, kV from 10 to 100 Measuring range AC voltage (true RMS), kV from 10 to 90 The frequency range for voltage measurements AC, Hz from and 47.5 to 52.5 The input impedance of the high voltage unit RD-BV DC, IOM 360±mom The input impedance of the high voltage unit RD-BV alternating current frequency of 50 Hz, MOhm, not less than 270 Limits of permissible relative error when measuring DC voltages % ±1 Limits of permissible relative error when measuring AC voltage, % ±1 Power NI and MI are produced from the built-in Ni-MH batteries size AA voltage of 1.2 V and a capacity of 1.8 And∙h: • power supply, 5±0,2 • duration of continuous operation without recharging, h, not less than 8 The range of the channel, m, not less than 5 Duration of continuous operation RD-90 at the maximum input voltage, hour, not more than 1 Duration of continuous operation RD-90 when the input voltage up to 40 kV, h, not more than 8 Time to establish the operating mode after power, min, 1 Overall dimensions, mm: HH Weight, kg, not more: 9,5 Service life, years, not less than