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Quality loop to the input of plastic doors. Germany.

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:140 UAH
Seller:Arkada-Plast Arkada-Plast
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Loops manufactured in Germany, the company SIMONSWERK. Simonswerk SIKU 3D. Color: - white - bronze brown - silver. This system loops are designed in such a way that it fits to any profile and, in all cases, provides a high level of stability. The modern design of the doors is always and issue of compliance with the spirit of the time. Currently, the predominant trend is "light paths". SIKU 3D has streamlined contours, i.e., has a slightly rounded shape of the loops. Despite technically complex internal stuffing and high capacity loop elegant and compact. Rounded edges proportional to the diameter of the roller cylinder and protective cover complete the harmony of the overall impression. All plastic doors. The reason lies in the fact that there are numerous different profile systems. In addition, each of the doors performs its specific task. For example, in utility rooms door, usually narrower and lighter than the Central entrance door. For all of these different doors firm SIMONSWERK has developed a regulatory system in three dimensions, when the door is closed. 2 loops designed for loads up to 120 kg (3 loops - 150 kg) and are easy to install. Specifications: - sash part of the hinge is fitted with a stable rear gripping hooks; for the thickness of the overlapping profile of protrusion from 15 to 25 mm; - convenient control in three dimensions with door closed: -height +5 mm / -1 mm -horizontal +/-5 mm -press the sash +/-2 mm; - full load: up to 120 kg with 2 loops; serial anti-theft protection (pin for doors opening outwards); - easy installation; - does not require maintenance due to self-lubricating properties of the material of the bearing. The templates have symbolic value. For all of these colors loops the company "Arkada-Plast offers door push headset and office pens in the same colours.