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Machine for the production of welded wire mesh

Offer type: salePublished: 18.02.2024
Seller:chzhan Liza
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Address:China, Beijing

1. This equipment is our latest developed welding equipped
for the manufacture of wire mesh, driven by an electric motor .

2. Longitudinally and transversely fed wire pre-straightened and cut. Longitudinal wire, supplied by the servo moves get the mesh automatically.

3. The force on the welding mechanism is transmitted from the motor , allowing the pressure on the welding electrodes can be easily controlled. The transverse wire is fed from the universal hopper, which is ten times more than a conventional feed device ,it is possible to 1T at the same time .

4. This equipment also has a wire tray tool, which makes the operation more convenient. Welding host machine has an elastic bins that allow you to use the welding electrode over a long time. The machine works on the technology of electrical synchronous control.

5. The welding process and welding time are set by a programmable logic controller. The input panel is a touch screen, which makes the programming of the machine is more logical and intellectual.

6. This year we have started to use transformers with water cooling. These transformers are equipped with a cooling unit and a heat transfer system that enables to reduce excessive heat. Despite the fact that the diameter of the machine is increased, this did not affect his performance.

Technical parameters

Item Model LM-12
The wire diameter of 5.0-12.0 mm
Feeding the longitudinal wires Discontinuous wire
The flow cross wires Discontinuous wire
Cell 100*100-300*300mm
Power 400-1000v
The number of electrodes 24
Mesh width 1100-2500mm
The Mac. speed of 50 births/min
The Mac. length 12000mm
Weight 14T
Dimensions 26*5*2.3 m