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Machine for the production of welded fenced grid

Offer type: salePublished: 18.02.2024
Seller:chzhan Liza
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Address:China, Beijing

1.The machine works on the technology of electrical synchronous control. The welding process and welding time are set by a programmable logic controller.

2.The input panel are touch screen and keyboard , which makes the programming of the machine is more logical and intelligent , also has features : hard to compress time ; multiple welding .

3.The machine is driven by an electric motor, has a boot groove that runs from the stepper motor , the longitudinal wire, supplied by the brake of the engine , and pulls the grid by the introduction of the stepper motor.

4. Longitudinally and transversely fed wire pre-straightened and cut and so on the currency markets is a grid card .The advantage of this machine : you can exist in different cells between the longitudinal wires.

Technical parameters

Item Model LM-3A
LM-3A/250 LM-3A/210 LM-3A/120
Mesh width 900-2500mm 900-2100mm 900-1200mm
The Mac. number of electrodes 48 42 24
Longitudinal wire diameter 3-6mm or 2-5mm
Cross wire diameter 3-6mm or 2-5mm
The distance between the longitudinal rods 50-300mm
The distance between poperchnogo rods 25-300mm
The Mac. the length of the grid 6000mm
Submission longitudinal and transverse wire cut wire with hopper
The Mac. welding speed of 50 rows/min
Type grid map
Material low carbon , galvanized wire
Power 380 V
Dimensions 8*3,2*1.75 m 8*2,8*1.75 m 8*1,8*1.75 m

Application : the Production is mainly used for by roads , railroads ,airports , and housing ,as well as shopping trolleys , shelves, display and so on .