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Machine for the production of welded masonry grid

Offer type: salePublished: 15.04.2024
Seller:chzhan Liza
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Address:China, Beijing

1.The machine works on the technology of electrical synchronous control. The welding process and welding time are controlled by the digital integrated circuit. The welding process proceeds stably and with high accuracy.

2. Welded joints have a small footprint, are free from defects and have high durability.

3.The machine pulls the longitudinal wire from coils. This equipment is equipped with a special device for cutting wire, and a system for determining the position of the cells , thus, the distance between the grid elements is identical and regular, it is for cutting the resulting product.

4.The machine has a system of stretching of the mesh, which cuts the wire mesh elements under the action of mechanical loading and positioning device of the grid.

5.This allows you to control the openings of the wire loops and the open part of the grid more carefully and more accurately perform the welding operation.

6. You can get welding mesh roll or card .

Technical parameters

Item Model LM-2500 LM-2100 LM-1200
Mesh width 900-2500mm 900-2100mm 900-1200mm
The Mac. the number of electrodes 51 43 25
Wire diameter 3,0-5,0 mm
The cell 50*50-200*200mm
Submission transverse wire cut wire with hopper
Submission longitudinal wire wire disk
The Mac. welding speed 45 series/ min
The type of mesh roll or card
Material low carbon , galvanized wire
Power 380v 50HZ
The dimensions of 3.2*2.5mm*1.75 m 2,8*2,5*1.75 m 1,8*2,5*1.75 m

Application:the Machine can produce meshes that are used in construction ,or road as the fence .