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Offer from a warehouse in Kiev and under the order : stainless shaped tube

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:TOV Metal Bud
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Profile tube stainless

Stainless profile pipes are widely used in almost all industries modern industries. Thanks to its remarkable qualities such as resistance to high and low temperatures, corrosion and some corrosive environments, stainless shaped tubes are used in food and chemical production, construction and agriculture.

These pipes are made by the method of the profiling of the round billet by electric welding. Round lsaw pipe rolled directly on the welding lines that provides high precision products. Seamless pipe is manufactured by cold or hot rollers. Stainless tubes are of different cross-section (square or rectangular), and different wall thickness (thin-walled and thick-walled) can be produced from various grades of stainless steel and have a matte, brushed or mirror surface. Matt stainless profiled tube — the most demanded type stainless rental. With all the advantages of stainless steel products, it it has little value due to the fact that it does not require additional surface treatment.

by brand article 304,08H18N10.
designation 20х20х1.5 – 200х100х3мм