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The seed treater Old Maxim 025 FS T. K. S. (Syngenta)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:OOO NPF Agrosvit
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The seed treater Old Maxim 025 FS T. K. C.

Active substance: 18.75 g / l fludyoksonilu, 6.25 g / l tsyprokonazolu Chemical group: Phenylpyrrole, triazole who Classification: 3 (low toxicity) Packaging: 5 l preparative form: Fluid suspension concentrate

A new two-part fungicide for seed treatment of cereals ADVANTAGES: System, penetrating and contact action of the two active substances are given drug best effectiveness against root rot and snow mold control internal infection is Very high efficacy against all species of Fusarium on cereals Extremely long-lasting protection: unlike most disinfectants action Old Maxim of seeds of winter is not the end of autumn, has an elongated effect against diseases upon renewal of vegetation in the spring.

Costs and terms of use:

Spring barley. The consumption rate of the product of 1.5-2.0 l / so Helminthosporium, Fusarium root rot, fly smut

Winter wheat. The consumption rate of the drug 1,0-1,5 snow mold, root rot, solid and volatile smut, Fusarium

Mechanism of action: Fludyoksonil - pin broad-spectrum fungicide with long-term activity. Absorbed seeds limited and slowly moved to the stairs. Tsyprokonazolu is a systemic triazole fungicide broad-spectrum antifungal activity.

Action spectrum: Maxim ® star 025 FS, because S. is a fungicide for disease control seeds harmful to the crop. Effective against major diseases, pathogens are fungi of the classes Ascomycetes, Basidomycetes and Deuteromycetes.

Tolerance culture: Maxim ® star 025 FS, T. K. S. tolerant culture following instructions for use.

Do not use on germinating, damaged seeds or with moisture content above 16%. Treated seeds should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated location. To check the similarity, if the treated seed is stored until the next season.

Compatibility with other drugs: Maxim ® star 025 FS, T. K. S. compatible with drugs that are used in integrated security systems. The drug Maxim ® star 025 FS, because S. is compatible with products based on polymers and formulation "water-soluble powder" / "flowable suspension concentrate" with a neutral reaction. Maxim ® star 025 FS, T. K. C. not compatible with products based on organic solvents. However, in each case drugs that are mixed, should be checked for compatibility.

The preparation and consumption rates of the preparation of working solution: When using the drug Maxim ® star 025 FS, because C. in a diluted form, it is recommended to follow this procedure: - Fill 1/2 tank mixtures with water; - the Canister with the product before use shake; - Add required quantity Maxim ® star 025 FS, T. K. S.; Add the required amount of water. Rate of the working fluid depending on the seed and the type of equipment should be 8-10 l / so don't stop mixing the working solution during the entire processing time. The working solution should be used within 24 hours after preparation.

Application method Equipment: Maxim ® star 025 FS, T. K. C. can be used in diluted and undiluted in any equipment suitable for seed treatment, as well as in continuous mode, where the drug is sprayed onto the seeds through nozzles or rotating in the aerosol chamber. Note: after processing to clean all equipment.

Processing technology: To achieve high efficiency of the treatment, pay attention to the following:

• use for treating pure, without impurities, intact seeds that will provide high quality treatment;

• Do not use seeds that have been previously Etched other disinfectants;

• regularly monitor the quality of treatment (visual inspection of the uniformity of the coating of seeds) on the level of painting and standards for the use of the working fluid.

Important! Maxim ® star 025 FS, T. K. S. can change the flowability of the seed in the planter. Before the grey calibration the unit on treated seeds.