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Multifunctional machine for wood Zenitech MF 300A

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

Designed to perform longitudinal-transverse and angular sawing, planing, jointing, milling, bolt work and calibration of various pieces of wood.

The presence of special scoring device allows cutting without damaging the edges the processed material, thus, achieved the highest quality processing.

Machine made on the basis of heavy desktop from high-strength cast iron. Sustainable design table provides the complete absence of vibration during work with Zenitech MF 300A.

Equipment equipped the motor power 1500 W, which creates a high torque and pass it through the V-belts on the spindle shaft, with reliable, without slippage, rotation of the cutting elements of the whole installation.

Convenient the dimensions of the table creates a comfortable work with different workpieces. The lack of influence of vibrations and the high stability of the machine guarantees high quality wood.

Technical features:

  • Max.planing width and calibration 300 mm
  • Max. depth planing mm 3
  • Max. thickness planing 110 mm
  • Stroke dolbnya 10-16 mm
  • Max. depth groove 120 mm
  • Max. depth sawing 80 mm
  • Speed spindle rpm 3100
  • Planing knives 310 mm*3*25
  • Circular saw 300 mm*1,4*25
  • V strap A1000
  • Engine kW / 1.5 / 220
  • Dimensions machine mm 1210 x 1050 x 810
  • Weight kg 190

Package contents:

  1. Device chiselling/ drilling Bit.
  2. Device for sharpening the blade.
  3. The blade is.
  4. The pad under the blade.
  5. Spline cutter.
  6. Sandpaper for sharpening blades.
  7. Sandpaper for sharpening saws.
  8. Protection of sandpaper.
  9. Protection of the blade.
  10. The Chuck.
  11. Tenoning table.
  12. Facing the knife.
  13. Rounded knife.
  14. The clamping bolt.
  15. The technical documentation.
  16. Packing list

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