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Winter rape Pioneer PD, PD,PV, PV, PV, PV (2008-2013)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:OOO 'Ekspertiza-Lyuks'
Seller:Mark Romanov
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv

Seeds of hybrids of winter rape "Pioneer" (2008 -2013,) from the official distributor:

PRD(Maximus) semi-dwarf, early,resistant to lodging);
PRD(Maximus) dwarf (designed for early sowing, 28.07,very high yield,high oil contents,resistant to lodging);
PRV (drought-resistant, perfectly withstands thickening);
PRV(standard yield, high oil content, resistant to lodging);
PRV (high oil content, high yield);
PRV(characterized by stability and plasticity);

new Hebrides:

PRV new (hybrid, early, high yield,high oil content and high resistance to lodging);
PRV new (medium maturing, high yield, high oil content and high resistance to lodging);

1 sowing unit 2 million PCs,4 ha

We offer seeds (2008-2009 germination 92% or higher price 180-120$ 1 p. E.(GA) ,2012-2013.price 320-280$ 1 p. E.(GA)).
Seeds certifitsirovana.
There are hybrids and varieties from other manufacturers.

Crop protection Dupont , Bayer, Basf, Syngenta and others