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Wedding cake to order in Kiev confectionery.Cakes for a wedding by request.Easy summer cake for the wedding

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Price:180 UAH
Company:Studiya 'Prazdnichnaya palitra'
Seller:Studiya 'Prazdnichnaya palitra'
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The wedding cake should be unusual,original and unique. Cake that everyone will admire and long to remember! The pastry Studio cakes "Tiramisu" made wedding cakes on stands tiered cakes at the wedding and a small wedding cake-mini. Light cake with fresh fruit,delicate sponge cake and airy cream will melt in your mouth,bringing pleasure. Especially for You, our managers are able to develop a completely new design the wedding cake,tailored to Your taste and wishes. We will do for You the cake is YOURS! Choose,order and enjoy... With all our proposals can be found on the website of Studio cakes "Tiramisu"