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The Desiccant Was Savela (Descas)

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Was savela (desicant)
Provides fast and uniform ripening of seeds is the most important agricultural crops.

Preparative form: Aqueous solution
Active substance: Diquat dibrom 150 g/l
Who classification: class II
PACKING: 20L Jerrycans.

Mechanism of action:
The drug was Sowela valid for active photosynthesis instantly, quickly absorbed by the green parts of plants. Active substance - Diquat turns into hydrogen peroxide, destroying the cell membrane, which leads to drying of all green parts of the plant. Under the action of ultraviolet rays hydrogen peroxide disintegrates quickly, so it is recommended to perform the treatment in the evening or in cloudy weather.

+ High economic efficiency;
+ Reduces the moisture content of the seeds, reducing the cost of drying;
+ Makes harvesting easier, as it dries as cultivated plants and weeds;
+ Stops the growth and spread of diseases;
+ Use avosetta.

Use regulations:

Sunflower : the consumption Rate of 2-3 liters/ha Spraying of crops for 2 weeks before harvest.

Crops: the consumption Rate of 1.5-2.0 liters/ha Spraying in the phase of waxy ripeness (when the grain moisture content is not more than 30%)

Soybeans: consumption Rate of 2-3 liters/ha Spraying of crops in the phase of beginning Browning beans lower and middle tiers (when seed moisture is about 35-40%).

Recommendations for use:

Spraying is usually done in the morning or evening hours in calm weather, preventing the demolition of the drug on neighboring cultures. When working with the drug was Sowela it is important to determine the timing of desiccation. Preferably carries out the processing in physiological ripeness of the harvest, and humidity of 30-50% depending on the culture. Treatment earlier may lead to lower yields. The effectiveness of desiccation depends on the rates of consumption of the drug, plant density culture which is treated, and weather conditions during spraying and after him. The consumption rate of the medication should be increased in the following cases: when a large contamination of crops by weeds, increasing the leaf surface when you need to harvest in a short time, when the humidity is high culture. The rate of flow of the working solution should be sufficient for complete wetting of the leaf surface. For better wetting recommended to use ad Ubuntu "Gondor". Use only clean water!

The world experience of using:

Rape: the consumption Rate of 2.0-3.0 l/ha Spraying by yellowing 70% struck.

Sorghum (seed crops): coverage Rate of 4.0 l/ha Spraying in the phase of waxy seeds.

Alfalfa (seed crop): coverage Rate of 2.0-4.0 l/ha Spraying in phase Browning 85-90% of beans.

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