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The vacuum electromagnetic valve type QUUM

Offer type: salePublished: 10.08.2018
Company:FLP Chumak Oleg Anatol'evich
Seller:Chumak Oleg Anatol'evich
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The valve of the vacuum electromagnetic QUUM-25

Designed for sealing overlap vacuum systems with environments that do not affect
material of construction.
Design features - a small time delay;
- low power consumption in the holding mode;
- indication of the position feedback - reed switches.

Working pressure range (PA 1•105-1•10-4
Allowable pressure drop, PA 1•105
The direction of the differential pressure any
The permissible leakage in int.
the cavity in the direction of the differential pressure
under a stop valve, l•PA/with 1.33•10-7