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Candy confectionery sunflower hybrid, herbicide Euro-lightning (the technology."Clearfield")

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:OOO NPF Agrosvit
Seller:Frolov Dmitrij
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih
Candy confectionery sunflower hybrid, herbicide Euro-lightning (technology "Clearfield") First confectionery sunflower hybrid herbicide-tolerant of THEIR group (technology "Clearfield" based herbicide Euro-lightning) Manufacturer: May Agro Seed Features: the Vegetation period: 108-115 days / Weight of 1000 seeds: 145-155 g / plant Height: 160-165 cm, aligned The hybrid is used for confectionery purposes. Flowering 58-61 days. Basket sloping, convex shape. Seeds in the heart basket filled with good. Pass through a sieve with cell 8mm no more than 25%. A large yield, especially among hybrids confectionery orientation. Resistant to vilageliu. Very resistant to drought and other stress conditions. High resistance to shattering of seeds. The recommended density for the collection period - 35-38 tees. plants/ha In the presence of high-yielding seeds of winter wheat: - Lupus 1 repr. (Saalbau Linz, Austria) - Krasnodar 99 (elite/1 repr) - Vita 1 repr - Ohridska (elite/1 repr) - Yuvileina 100 (elite) Seeds of winter barley: - Dobrynya 3 (1 REP) Master of Zernograd (1 repr.) - Jack frost (elite/1 repr) - Seeds of winter barley Morozko -Seeds of winter barley Wizard Zernograd - Seeds of winter barley Dobrina 3 Sowing seeds of winter rape: Senator Suite (Ukraine) Henry (Saalbau Linz, Austria) - Champion Of Ukraine (Ukraine) - Gibrish (Saalbau Linz, Austria)