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Offer type: salePublished: 21.07.2010

The company Stanco group - The specialised enterprise for manufacture of the equipment for pouring of viscous and liquid products. The automatic equipment productivity 1200-2500 б/ч and semi-automatic productivity from 300 б/ч to 1800 б/ч, such as: (Cars fasovochno-corking) Cars for pouring of bottles linear and Cars for mixing. Devices transport for moving of bottles All elements of the cars having contact to a product, are executed from materials resolved by establishments of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic service, for example: stainless steel of mark AISI 304 which does not give in to corrosion, the Ftoroplast 4B, etc. These materials are neutral to packed up products and washing solutions and do not influence their quality and safety. We have highly skilled experts who can make major repairs of the equipment or under your requirement readjustment. At will of the customer the enterprise is ready:(To make spare parts for the equipment) To carry out installation and starting-up and adjustment works of cars? To provide guarantee and service of the put equipment. To deliver to an installation site the equipment and spare parts, if necessary to make customs clearing and certification across the CIS countries

Seller:Tsyigankova Anna Aleksandrovna
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