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pike ROE caviar black "Caspian caviar red caviar Pollock walleye roach dried canned salmon

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:Rus Fish Kartas Moreprodukt
Seller:Starikov Oleg Borisovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Pike ROE "New" , JSC "RUSSIAN Caviar ".
The shelf life of 15 months, RMS 112 gr.
BLACK caviar (Pike) "CASPIAN" With taste and color Sturgeon (Beluga, stellate sturgeon) Caviar
Caviar Red, Salmon fish species (Chum salmon, Garbousova,Sockeye salmon,Trout) LTD Musson , O. Sakhalin , , Poronaisk Str. 40 let VLKSM , GOST and TU . W/B. and Glass ,TM: "Rus fish", "cartas Seafood", "monsoon", "Dolinka. J. B. , Glass, Plastic, manufacturing Services STM and "flattening" of caviar.
CAVIAR smaller fish : pike, Perch
(On order: Carp, Carp, Catfish, Sopa, Bream, Rudd, and so on)
EGGS Cod :
Herring, cod
(On Order: MacRory, Whitefish, Halibut, sea pike, haddock, saithe, capelin, lonely, and so on)
The Cod ROE . ( with key ) 130 gr. GOST and TU , HUNDRED ; LLC "Company cartas-Seafood" , Moscow , Poronaisk , O. Sakhalin , LLC "monsoon",
TM "Cartas Moreproduct" that allows us to produce products (from prosiruvanja prepared raw) fresh dates of manufacture.
The storage time of 12 months . 130/120 gr. J. B .( with key ).At t* -4 -6*.
Fish cured: Rudd, Bream, Perch, silver bream, Sopa, Pike, Roach The corrugation. cor. 4 and 9 kg GOST, production of Astrakhan.