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Rebar in construction

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:Kompaniya "SK Metall"
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg

During the construction works and subsequent operation of any building is undergoing shrinkage and temperature variation. This often causes a strong stress on the structure. This process is fraught with the destruction of the structure. How to avoid this? Very simple, you just use special rods with sufficient rigidity and flexibility.

Construction valves, among other types of metal, has a wide demand. With its help, you can properly enhance the design of reinforced concrete. Fittings able to take the pressures during the bending, stretching or compression built in. Rods are used at the stage of pouring concrete. During the solidification of a solution interlock the bars with him and the building becomes a monolithic.

On the market valves are available in wide range. The basic classification divides building rods for working and mounting. Between them there are certain differences. The working valves are designed for taking loads from negative factors and weight. The area of its cross section is determined by calculating the impact of external forces. During construction, generally used of the transverse and longitudinal rods. The most popular today is the rebar diameter 12mm, exceptionally light and easy to install.

Regarding mounting products, they are relatively constructive or technological characteristics of an object. The function of this type of steel is storing the position of the working reinforcement in the position required by the project. In addition, it allows to achieve uniform distribution of the load among all nodes.

In other words, rebar is used in construction work with the aim of creating a reliable, monolithic structures of reinforced concrete. From this component depends directly on the strength of the entire structure. Are created through reinforcement of Foundation blocks, piles, and slabs, beams. During the construction of the brick concrete object necessary for the equipment basement, Foundation, slab.

Widespread valves found not only in construction details, are forced to carry high level of loads. The rods, made of metal, are perfect for strengthening cement screed. Last is when leveling the floor. Rods of metal reinforce any additional extensions.