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Mobile concrete plant Maprein Toledo 20 (20-40 m3/h) Spain

Offer type: sellPublished: 30.06.2023
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Mobile concrete plant Maprein Toledo 20 (20-40 m3/h) Spain Specifications Aggregate bunkers - 4 units. Volume: 4 m3 each Dimensions: 3000 mm x 2100 mm Aggregate dosing through the aggregate feeder Made from sheet metal 3 and 4 mm. Supports in HEB. Upper frame in IPE. Reinforcement with a rolled profile. electric vibrator Electric motor vibrator 500/3. 4 units inert feed belt Length between axles: 4100 mm Belt flat 500 mm. Three layers. Motor reducer 4 kW Vulcanized drive roller Ø 273 mm. Tensor roller Ø 273 mm. Sheet metal frame. Tensioner with threaded screw. Scraper for cleaning drive and driven rollers. Full length protection. Emergency stop with steel cable. Discharge to the mixer Factory structure Support structure of the bunker. mixing table Cement weighing system Capacity 250 kg. Made from 3mm thick metal sheet. Opening/closing with pneumatic throttle. Pneumatic vibrator Equipped with three weight sensors. Electronic door opening/closing control Coupling for mixer 1 water pump Passage 2 inches, with impulses from 1 to 10 liters. Filter Opening / closing by pneumatic system Pump: 4 kW Planetary mixer 750/500 Production capacity of compacted concrete 500 liters / cycle Anti-wear pads inside, on the bottom and side walls of the mixer. Threaded inserts for ease of maintenance. The mixing arms and perimeter scrapers are built into the steel rod. They are adjustable, which allows you to control the distance between the blades and the bottom and walls of the mixer. Anti-wear casting mixing blades. Semi-circular discharge door at the bottom of the mixer with hydraulic opening. Motor reducer 27 kW Equipped with three weight sensors. Concrete unloading unit Made from 3mm thick metal sheet. Pneumatic system with pump Electrovalves for the operation of actuators. Waterproof cabinet for electrovalves. Pneumatic cylinders for gate and valve control Installation of Tecalon 8 x 10 fittings and pipes. Compressor, air tank 300 liters, power 4 kW. Aluminum. General distributor at the outlet of the compressor. Lubrication kit. Computer control unit Contained in a waterproof cabinet. Power protective switches for motors. EU safety standards. Manual and automatic control. Panel of electrical components. Block of electrical appliances. Connection of the panel with electrical appliances. Factory automatic control system Management and control of operations using the PLC Automatic weighing, dosing and control system System inputs and outputs via relay cards. UPS protection system. Warranty 24 months The manufacturer conducts installation supervision and staff training.