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Stationary automatic line for paving slabs SUMAB R-1500 (Sweden)

Offer type: sellPublished: 26.06.2023
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High quality equipment from one of the best European manufacturers. Reliable, technologically advanced, at a reasonable price, significantly lower than that of competitors.
The representative of the Swedish company "Scandinavian UK Machines AB" /SUMAB/ - invites you to get acquainted with the equipment for the production of concrete and products from it - mobile and stationary concrete plants, vibropresses for the production of paving slabs and curbs, equipment for the production of reinforced concrete - wall panels and blocks , equipment for unloading and storage of cement.
The SUMAB representative offers high-quality equipment at factory prices, without intermediaries.
The company provides a full range of services - delivery, commissioning, maintenance.
The manufacturer conducts installation supervision and staff training.
Stationary block-LINE Sumab R-1500 AUTOMATIC
Dear partners!
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the commercial offer for a stationary block line
Sumab R-1500 semi-automatic.
Block line (semiautomatic) SUMAB R-1500
Technical description
Stationary block machine SUMAB R-1500 with automatic control.
Vibration system Knauer, Germany.
Pallet dimensions: 1400x1100 mm.
Useful area (press area) max.: 1300x1050 mm.
Productivity maximum (per shift (8 hours):
2000-2600 m2 paving stones (10x20x6 cm) per shift.
23,000 pcs. hollow blocks (20x20x40 cm) incl. thermoblocks
2 800-4000 pcs. borders, depending on the size of the borders, the presence of an additional front layer.
Press form. For each type of product (paving stones, blocks, curbs, etc.) a separate mold is required.
Additional material hopper for the color and hard surface of concrete products.
Pallet inserter with pallet storage for Sumab R-1500 with soft start/stop and variable speed.
Additional vibration at the head of the punch.
The device for moving ready-made concrete blocks from a block machine with speed control, start/stop, consists of two chain transport systems, 7-9 m long.
Rotating brush for cleaning the surface of fresh food.
ELEVATOR - Automatic device for lifting and accumulating pallets with finished products (with 12 levels for blocks or 2x 12 levels for pavers) - (standard elevator chain system, distance between levels 300 mm).
LOVERATOR - Automatic device for lowering pallets with dry finished products from rails to the transport conveyor (with 12 levels for blocks or 2x 12 levels for pavers) - (standard chain system of the loverator, distance between levels 300 mm).
TRANSPORTER BELT for moving pallets with dry products to the transfer position and then turning the pallet - cross movement, length 10 m, hydraulically driven with separate hydraulic power pack.
Automatic hydraulic swivel and gripping crane for transferring precast concrete products from production pallets to Euro transport pallets, with hydraulic clamping and electric lift-and-travel clamping mechanism.
Rotating brush for cleaning work trays.
Device for turning empty pallets to use pallets on both sides equally.
Cross movement of pallets from the rotary device with return to the storage warehouse.
Device for spraying work pallets.
Accumulator for euro pallets and automatic descent onto the plate conveyor (slats) for transporting them to the position of reloading finished products from production pallets to transport euro pallets.
Lamels - a conveyor for moving finished products to packaging and moving to a warehouse, length 12 m.
Internet MODEM for remote control of the block line service, providing assistance to the client via the Internet, etc.
Production line automatic control system and PC, Siemens computer program. Cables, fuse system, emergency security system.
OPTION: Concrete unit 20-30 m3/h.
3x15m3 inert storage, Sicoma planetary mixer P1125/750 liters, skip, cement dispenser, pneumatically opening gates without augers and silos. Automation and PC Siemens without cab.
Additional options:
Cement supply auger, length 10 m.
Cement silo 60 tons (including level indicators, filter, ladder, fences, etc.) or any other volume.
Additional mixer 10-15 m3/h for the production of face mix for color and hard surface of concrete products.
2x7.5m3 inert storages, Sicoma planetary mixer P560/375 liters, skip, cement dispenser, pneumatically opening dampers, automation and Siemens PC, without cabin, augers and silos.
Additional vibrators.
Moisture meter in inert bunkers.
OPTION: Concrete plant Sumab T-50, 50-60 m3/h, mixer 1500/1000 liters, as standard, for the production of concrete for the needs of the block line and the production of ready-mixed concrete.
OPTION: Block-line and concrete plant control cabin, with a stationary computer, cables for connecting units and assemblies, 2x4x6 m.
Techniches Which components of the line for the production of toruy tiles and other products:
Machine frame
The heavy-duty main frame of the machine is constructed from a 10mm thick metal structure. The system of molds and tamping head works hydraulically in a system of chromium-plated columns (4 guides). Columns 70 mm thick are chrome-plated, ground-mounted, installed in easily replaceable