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Block machine for the production of paving slabs Sumab R-500 (1000 m2/shift) Start (Sweden)

Offer type: sellPublished: 26.06.2023
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Stationary block machine vibropress for the production of paving slabs
and other products Sumab R-500 (Start option).
Vibration system with frequency control Knauer, Germany.
Pallet dimensions: 1400x600 mm.
Useful area (working area of the press) max.: 1250x620 mm.
Productivity per shift maximum (8 hours):
864-1016 m2 paving stones (10x20x6 cm) color/no color.
12 960 pcs. hollow blocks (20x20x40 cm) incl. heat blocks with polystyrene.
2000-2500 pcs. borders, depending on the size of the borders, the presence of an additional front layer.
Sumab R-500 technical data
Maximum product height: 330mm
Minimum product height: 25mm
Stationary block machine SUMAB R-500 with automatic control (equipment for automatic operation is included in the package, including PLC, sensors, hydraulic valves for switching from manual to electric drive).
Vibration system with frequency control Knauer, Germany.
Compression mold for vibrocompression.
Each type of product requires a separate mold.
Equipment for the face layer (color and hard surface) of concrete products (face mix hopper, frame and filler hopper).
Conveyor belt for moving fresh ready-made concrete products from the block machine with soft start / stop and speed control, length 7 m.
Pallet inserter with pallet storage for Sumab R-500 with soft start/stop and variable speed.
Pneumatic mold clamping for Sumab R-500.
Safety equipment for the Sumab R-500 - guards and switching equipment.
Additional vibration at the head of the punch.
Palletizer for fresh produce, with 2x6 pallets for pavers – Stracer robot (stacker/stacker robot) (2x6 pallets = 12 pallets in total),
(1200-1400) x550 mm pallet size, 1200 mm max. stacking height.
Thanks to the use of Scandinavian technologies, our equipment has a high rate of durability and reliability.
Delivery of equipment is carried out just in time.
More than 20 years of reliable partnership.
Sumab equipment operates in Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, South America, Arab countries and Africa.
Over the period of the company's activity, more than 500 concrete plants, lines for the production of paving slabs, curbs and reinforced concrete products with various capacities and configurations have been delivered.
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