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Equipment for the production of dry building mixes 5 t/h, Spain

Offer type: sellPublished: 26.06.2023
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Equipment for the production of dry building mixes 5 t/h, Maprein Spain
High quality equipment from one of the best European manufacturers. Reliable, technologically advanced, at a reasonable price, significantly lower than that of competitors.
The representative of the manufacturer - the Spanish company "Maprien С.L.", offers high-quality equipment for production - Concrete plants, Automatic lines for the production of dry building mixtures, at minimum prices and convenient delivery terms.
Plants of dry construction mixes, productivity from 5 t/h to 50 t/h.
The number of components and the degree of automation of the line are negotiated upon the provision of technical specifications.
Individual approach. At Maprein, we know that every plant has requirements that make it unique, which is why we design each plant to suit the client's requirements.
Literally, no two plants of this type are the same. We design, manufacture, modify any equipment for the individual tasks of our customers.
The individuality of each project is related to the specific characteristics of the product that will be produced and the several alternatives that the logs may have. This type of plant has two fundamental factors that determine everything else and are basic at the design stage: the volume of production and the logistics of the finished product.
The type of mixture produced and the form of supply of the materials required for production are also factors to be assessed and make customization not an option but a necessity.
Logistics of finished products.
Modular installations.
This allows each module to have ideal characteristics for production.
Adapted to the type of product.
We adapt our plants to any finished product: packers, tank trucks, silos, big bags.
Loading of materials necessary for production can be carried out by a pneumatic drive or a bucket elevator.
Dryness of materials.
All mortar plants designed by Maprein include equipment to keep the aggregates dry.
Automatic dosing and weighing.
The latest state-of-the-art technology is applied for thorough mixing and production control.
Recording operations and events.
Constant monitoring of all processes in each of our factories.
Personalized line performance reports - component consumption and more.
Ability to receive reports on the work of the plant: trucks, customers, materials.