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Herbicide Grenadier (tribenuron-methyl 750 g / kg) 0, 5 kg, " AHT " Ukraine Herbicides to buy in Agro Warehouse Melitopol

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2021
Price:117 UAH
Company:Agro Sklad Melitopol'
Seller:Aleksandr Anatol'evich, Dmitrij Leont'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Melitopol'
Herbicide (tribenuron-methyl 750 g / kg) 0.5 kg, Ukraine 
Grenadier "AHT", 0.5 L 
Pesticides " AHT "of the Ukrainian brand of plant protection products "agrochemical Technologies" 

Systemic post-emergence herbicide for the destruction of annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds, including those resistant to 2,4-D, in grain crops

Active ingredient: tribenuron-methyl, 750 g / kg
Preparation form: granules that are dispersed in water
Container: 0.5 kg jar

Mechanism of action
Tribenuron-methyl is absorbed mainly by the leaves and moves to the growth points of weeds, inhibiting the enzyme acetolactate synthase.Warm weather increases the rate of action of the herbicide, cool and dry weather slows it down. Cell division stops and plant growth stops within a few hours after treatment. Visible symptoms of the lesion appear 5-10 days after spraying. Complete death of weeds occurs on 14-25 days.
Less sensitive weeds and weeds at a later stage of development may not die, but their growth will stop – they will not compete with cultivated plants in the consumption of nutrients and moisture

Crops (groups) for which the use is recommended cereals spring wheat winter wheat barley winter barley Spring Rye Sunflower

Recommendations for the use of the drug
Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds, including those resistant to 2,4-D
Drug consumption rate, kg-ha: 0.015 - 0.025 + Agropav 0.2 L/ha (0.1%)
Working solution consumption rate: 200-300 Sunflower (tribenuron-methyl resistant hybrids)
Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds
Drug consumption rate, kg-ha: 0.015-0.050 kg/ha* + Agropav - 0.2 L / ha (0.1%)
Working solution consumption rate,: 200-300

Advantages of the application
● Low flow rate;
● Wide application window of the drug: from the 2-3 leaf phase of the culture to the flag leaf phase;
● The effect on weeds begins as early as 2-3 hours after application and is visually noticeable after 5-10 days; 
● The drug works effectively already at temperatures from + 5 °C, which significantly increases the period of its use both in autumn and spring.
● Has no restrictions in crop rotation;
● Pellets – easy to use, transport and store formulation;
● The active substance is additionally purified from impurities that exhibit phytotoxicity;
● A wide range of controlled weeds, primarily such as sow thistle, field chamomile, Wild Poppy and others;
● Compatible with most pesticides.

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