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Herbicide Euro Lang Nertus, (imazetapir) (5 L) manufacturer Peters & Burg KFT, Hungary buy in agro warehouse Melitopol

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2021
Price:406 UAH
Company:Agro Sklad Melitopol'
Seller:Aleksandr Anatol'evich, Dmitrij Leont'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Melitopol'
Herbicide Euro Lang Nertus (ixazetapir), (5 L) Hungary 
Euro Lang (ixazetapir) Hungary (5 L) 
Herbicide of systemic action for the destruction of a wide range of annual cereal and dicotyledonous weeds in crops of sunflower hybrids that are genetically resistant to herbicides from the imidazolinones group.

Active ingredient: imazetapir, 100 g / l
Manufacturer: Peters & Burg KFT, Hungary
Formulation: soluble concentrate

Mechanism of action of the drug
The active substance penetrates through the roots and leaves of plants, spreads through the xylem and phloem to the growth points. In sensitive plants, it blocks protein synthesis, which leads to the cessation of cell growth and plant death.

Recommendations for use
The preparation is applied only with the help of ground sprayers after the emergence of sunflower seedlings.The flow rate of the working solution is 200-400 l/ha. With a dense stand of plants, as well as with a large amount of plant residues on the field surface, the consumption rate of the working solution should be at least 300 l/ha. It is not recommended to use Euro-lang® herbicide with a working solution consumption rate of less than 200 l/ha.
Weather conditions. Air temperatures from +10°C to +22°C are optimal during the period of use of the drug. Low air temperatures (less than +10°C) or elevated (more than +25°C) slow down the metabolic processes in weed plants. As a result, the effect of the herbicide is prolonged.

Advantages of using Euro Lang
● Inhibits the development of perennial weeds in sunflower crops.
● Allows you to simultaneously control dicotyledonous and cereal weeds after the emergence of sunflower seedlings. Gives you the opportunity to fight with all known races of sunflower broomrape.Provides control of such problematic weeds as ragweed, durnishnik, cyclochena.
● The dual mechanism of action of the drug allows you to control both vegetative and sprouting weeds from seeds.

Rain 1 hour after applying the drug does not reduce its effectiveness.
Since the drug has a soil effect, its effectiveness against weeds to a certain extent will be determined by the presence and amount of available moisture in the soil. 

the price is indicated (for 1L, with VAT) at the time of placement – please specify

It is not allowed to use the drug in tank mixtures :with surfactants and surfactants, insecticides of the FOS group, Anti-slag herbicides, mineral and micro fertilizers used for fertilizing sunflower.

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Herbicide Euro Lang Nertus
Active ingredient: imazetapir, 100 g / l
Manufacturer: Peters & Burg KFT, Hungary
Formula: solutions