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Herbicide Helios agrochemical technologies (20 L) Helios RK Helios (similar to Roundup ) "AKHT", Ukraine herbicides

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2021
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Company:Agro Sklad Melitopol'
Seller:Aleksandr Anatol'evich, Dmitrij Leont'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Melitopol'
Herbicide Helios agrochemical technologies (20 L) Helios RK ,Ukraine 
Helios (analog of Roundup ) "AHT", 20 L 
Pesticides " AHT "of the Ukrainian brand of plant protection products "agrochemical Technologies" 

Continuous-action systemic herbicide for controlling a wide range of annual and perennial weeds on agricultural and non-agricultural land.
Active ingredient: glyphosate isopropylamine salt, 480 G / L 
in acid equivalent, 360 G / L 
Preparation form: soluble concentrate
Container: 20 L canister

Mechanism of action
Once on the plant, Helios moves to the growth points and blocks the synthesis of amino acids in cells, resulting in the death of plants, including their root system.

Recommendations for use
The most effective operation of the drug is from +13 °C to +25 °C.
The drug is applied by a single spraying of actively vegetating weeds. The consumption rate depends on the type of weeds and the phase of their development. 
An important condition is a complete uniform coating of plants with a working solution.
During spraying, do not allow the herbicide to get on the leaves of cultivated plants, trees and shrubs. 
Helios 2-3 l/ha + Dilar 0.12-0.2 kg / ha - has increased effectiveness against weeds of the Asteraceae family (sow thistle).
Mechanical tillage should be carried out no earlier than 10-14 days after applying the drug.

Attention! Do not use Helios if the weeds are stressed due to drought or sudden temperature changes. With a strong waxy coating of weeds, Agropav extra should be added at a rate of 0.1-0.2 liters per 200 liters of water (0.05-0.1% solution).

Advantages of the application
● Thanks to the use of high-quality, innovative surfactants, Helios has better permeability; 
● Thanks to its systemic action, it destroys not only the aboveground part of weeds, but also the root system, which is very important in the fight against perennial weeds;
● Effectively destroys both annual and perennial weeds;significantly reduces the overall contamination of fields and minimizes the number of agrotechnical measures aimed at weed control;
● As a desiccant, it significantly accelerates and facilitates the harvesting process of agricultural crops;
● Has no soil activity.

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