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Herbicide Osnova (acetochlor) agrochemical technologies (20 L) Osnova "AHT", 20 l Ukraine, herbicides Melitopol

Offer type: salePublished: 15.12.2021
Price:182 UAH
Company:Agro Sklad Melitopol'
Seller:Aleksandr Anatol'evich, Dmitrij Leont'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Melitopol'
Herbicide Osnova agrochemical technologies Ukraine (20 L)
Base (acetochlor) "AHT", 20 L 
Pesticides " AHT "of the Ukrainian brand of plant protection products "agrochemical Technologies" 

Selective soil pre-emergence herbicide.
Active ingredient: acetochlor, 900 g / l
Preparation form: emulsion concentrate
Container: 20 L canister

Mechanism of action: the active substance of the herbicide base has a high herbicidal activity against annual cereals and some dicotyledonous weeds. After application, the herbicide base remains in the upper layer of the soil and acts on weeds during germination, penetrates the tissues of stems and roots, actively inhibits cell growth and division, disrupts protein and lipid metabolism in them. Metabolic disorders in weed plants caused by the action of the drug are an irreversible process, as a result of which seedlings stop growing and die.
If the application technology is followed, the herbicide base ensures the absence of weeds for 6-8 weeks from the date of application.
In optimal doses, the drug provides reliable control of such weeds as: schiritsa (species), ragweed Wormwood, multi-flowered fenugreek, common Datura, blood-red finger, garden purslane, bitterness (species), bristle (species), black nightshade, Medium star, Rooster millet, White Mar, etc.
Resistance to the drug was not detected.
Cultures (groups) for which application is recommended
Cereals of all types, soybeans, sunflower hybrids

General recommendations for the use of the drug.
Application of the drug is carried out on the surface of the soil, which should be sufficiently warm, moist and finely lumpy. Large solid lumps increase the absorption area and reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Optimal conditions-Rain or irrigation after spraying (10-15 mm).
In arid regions, the herbicide should be applied to the soil with a Harrow or cultivator to a depth of 3-5 cm. The optimal method of application of the drug is immediately after sowing, before the emergence of crops, under harrowing. Without sealing, the herbicide base is applied if there is a high probability of rain.

Advantages of using the herbicide Osnova:
● Effectively protects crops that cannot be destroyed solely by mechanical processing;
● It is indispensable in difficult weather conditions that make post-emergence processing impossible;
● Has advantages over other post-emergence herbicides, which are used when weeds have already sprouted and taken a significant part of nutrients and moisture from the soil; ensures the cleanliness of the field from weeds from the very beginning of the growing season, which is especially important at an early stage of development of the cultivated plant; 
● The use of herbicide reduces the number of mechanical treatments of the soil, thereby preserving the moisture and structure of its fertile layer;
● Decomposes in the soil during the growing season and does not affect other crops in the next season;
● Low toxic to animals, birds and fish.

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