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The milk pasteurizer flow of 3 t/h UZM-3.0 R

Offer type: salePublished: 30.06.2021
Price:250 000 UAH
Company:FOP Fomin Ruslan Gennadievich
Seller:Fomin Ruslan Gennadievich
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Address:Kharkiv, Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'

Flow-through pasteurizer UZM - 3.0 R is characterized by high performance and low power consumption.

UZM - 3.0 R – flow infrared pasteurizer with high heat recovery. It is intended for pasteurization and disinfection of milk in a stream not more than 2 tons. Used for pasteurization of milk with subsequent cooling in the refrigerator, the pasteurization of milk before packaging or sale of capacity, while the calves are nursing it is impossible decontaminated milk, cheese production, etc.

The flowchart of the pasteurizer UZM - 3.0 R: Milk from the container (1) is supplied to the heat exchanger (2), where it is heated to 72 degrees is not due to the consumption of electricity and heat from pasteurized milk. Then the milk enters into the heating chamber (3), where it is heated to 80 0C (temperature of pasteurization can be adjusted). From the chamber heating the milk returns to the heat exchanger (2), where it gives up heat to the raw milk. From the heat exchanger is already pasteurized and cooled milk through the hose is supplied for further use.


· flowing;

· capacity – 3 t/h;

· installed capacity of 38 kW/h;

· energy consumption for pasteurization 3 t – 31 - 35 kW;

· temperature pasteurization – 75 - 87 degrees.

· milk temperature at the outlet of the pasteurizer by 7 - 9 degrees higher than the temperature of raw milk;

· W 1.7 x D 1.0 x 1.7 m.,0P.htm