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A capacitive milk pasteurizer 500 l UZM-0.5 E

Offer type: salePublished: 14.05.2021
Price:115 000 UAH
Company:FOP Fomin Ruslan Gennadievich
Seller:Fomin Ruslan Gennadievich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'

Pasteurizer UZM - 0.5 E are characterized by a high degree of automation and minimal human involvement.

Capacitive pasteurizer UZM - 0.5 E intended for pasteurization and disinfection of milk not more than 500 litres. Used for feeding calves decontaminated milk, cheese production, pasteurisation of milk before packaging or sale of the container.
Milk from the container (1) is supplied to the chamber infrared heating (2), then in flowing water chiller (3), and returns to the tank. While the temperature of the milk in the container (1) is below the preset pasteurization temperature and in the chamber of infrared heating are (1) included heating water flow water cooler (3) is not served, and the milk in it cools. Milk circulates until it is heated to the pasteurization temperature. Then the heating chamber infrared heating (2) turns off and the milk maintained at this temperature for 30 min and Then in running a water chiller (3) water is supplied, and continue to circulate the milk is cooled to a predetermined temperature. Once the milk has cooled, the pasteurizer is switched off, and the milk remains in the vessel until then, until you need it. Then it is pumped through a hose pump from the tank and the pasteurizer to clean the circulating way.


· capacitive;

· the volume of milk is up to 500 l;

· heat about 40 min;

· endurance – 30 min;

· cooling – up to 40 min;

· energy to pasteurise 500 litres of milk – 24 kW;

· installed capacity of 36 kW/h;

· process temperature – 63 degrees;

· W 2.2 x D 1.5 x 1.7 m.,5E.htm